Sponsorship opportunities

Should you or your business wish to find out more about the potential sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

How you can help

You can help by using your own gift of imagination – and consider in what way you, and the other influencers around you, could stand to benefit, and help others benefit, from this initiative.

  • To share with us the other opportunities you have seen, as I sketched out this idea.
  • To ask what and how, you could do, to help promote, encourage and motivate others to help this idea gain momentum?
  • To help partner this big idea so we all benefit – Africa, the artist, the world.

Leave your fingerprint – go on make a difference.

Mass participation
Monday, 09 August 2004 10:30
Be part of the motion We will create a social cohesion campaign to encourage mass participation. People of all age groups from a wide range of communities; schools, arts Centres, Social Integration Centres, Rehabilitation Centres and professional artists, will participate in painting their future towards and beyond 2010. This will include artists from the diaspora. Entries will be collected and judged by a panel of professional artists and curators.
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